Pros and Cons of Being a Tourist in the Netherlands.


For starters I have to say that Netherlands is really amazing and beautiful country. It combines European charm with something so unique and different you can find only in Netherlands. I guess that every country has its’ own feeling. And the one that Netherlands has is the feeling of peace and artistic freedom. I must admit that it is pretty likeable.


First thing I would like to emphasise would be the possibility to get to Amsterdam in a very cheap way, if you travel from Belgium. You can just simply take a bus from Brussels to Amsterdam for 11 euros one way. Imagine that you pay only 11 euros to get from one country to another for the same price you could buy a sandwich and coffee in, let’s say, Norway. By the way you can find the particular bus here.
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A Bit of Iceland. [Video time.]

I am definitely not a video maker, but sometimes I just want to capture some videos along the way. It has a different feeling than pictures do, after all.


Low Pro Iceland Experience. This was my second try with video making. First try was a video from our Europe trip. This time it is Iceland I would like to show you.

Iceland was one of my all time favourite trips and I would definitely wanna go back there one day. If I am lucky enough to return there, I promise to actually learn how to film videos with straightened horizon and clean lens. Continue reading