How To Make Sure You And The Gang Have A Flawless Family Road Trip

You work for weeks and months so that you can pay the bills and keep the family in the cosiest possible situation. Grafting for hours every day is a necessary chore, but we aren’t born just to pay bills and die! Life is about experiences – especially when you’ve got your clan alongside to enjoy the ride you. You need to be able to kick back, cherish special moments, and head off into beautiful spots as a team. Work becomes all the more worth it as the countdown to vacation closes in before ticking its final tock. 


Well, now vacation time is here! You have a bunch of options ahead of you, what are you going to go for? I do this a lot lately, but… May I suggest a road trip? Sure, it’s not quite the same as whisking the family away to the other side of the planet on a first-class plane ticket, but if you have the means and the money, then it can be something very special. 

Sound good? Well, if you’re into this kind of thing and want to know about what it’s going to take to ensure you a borderline flawless time on the road, let’s go through a few simple but important things you should probably do. 

Plan The Route

Obviously, you’re going to check how to get there (if you don’t, then good luck!), but I’m talking about more than just getting from A to B and then back to A again. If you’re only interested in hitting the destination, then it’s wise to see if there are any shortcut or if there are any blockages along the way that might impede you and throw you off track a little. Or get you in heavy traffic with kids kicking your seat and asking: Are we there yet? I bet you would rather avoid this at any cost. So planning ahead can help.

If, on the other hand, you’re interested in seeing some cool stuff along the way, then head online and look at what’s out there. The internet is full of different travel sites that show off tourist destinations. You could sit down as a family and go through the various spots that each of you would like to visit. There are loads of simple route planners online, too, so getting the route figured out shouldn’t worry you too much these days. And once your kids get excited, you get to remind them about the amazing destination they are about to see or experience every time they are starting to get grumpy.


Check The Vehicle Is Good To Go!

Another obvious idea is to check if the car or minivan is actually okay to travel a super long distance. The last thing you want is to get halfway there and break down. Even if you’re competent enough, it’s good to head to the local mechanic and let them give you an expert opinion. Or call a grandpa for the help. If you’re heading to something like a caravan site, you’ll also want to check if you’re able to tow along a big mobile home! You don’t want to go browsing for some Austrack Campers, end up buying one, and then realise it’s all in vain. You’re going to have to shift that bad boy somehow!  



After you’ve packed all of the necessities and stopped worrying about whether you’re forgetting something, you’ll want to remember to bring some amusement along with you. As exciting as the trip may be for you guys, there will probably be some drop-offs in excitement. It’s cool; you’re going to be sat still for hours – it can get a little tedious. You know what the kids are like, too – they’ll need all of the distractions they can get! For us a bunch of books work every time. Even dictionaries with pictures. Remember that you can turn every activity into a game– counting all the red cars you are passing; who is going to be the first one to see a police car; who can first count 100 trees etc. Just be enthusiastic and kinds will enjoy the road.

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