Improving Your Portrait Photography

Portrait photography might sound simple, but becoming a great portrait photographer takes work. Portrait photography can help you to create some beautiful shots and helps you bring the subject to life. Whether you want to take better photos of your friends and family or you’re a professional photographer marketing your craft, the following tips can help you improve your portrait photography to produce some incredible photographs.

Get the right kit

To be able to take excellent portrait shots, you’re going to need the right kit. While you can take portrait shots with a variety of lenses, you can’t beat prime lenses for creating that crystal clear image of your subject with a softly blurred background. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to zoom with prime lenses, so you’ll be having to move back and forth to help you capture your subject perfectly. Take a look at the best wide-angle prime lenses that are a must for your kit.


Perfect your indoor setup

If you intend to take portrait photos in an indoor setting, then you’ll want to ensure that you have the right setup to take a high-quality portrait shot. A clear space with plenty of windows to allow natural light in is ideal, otherwise, you’ll need to invest in some good lighting. You can get a variety of backdrops from The Backdrop Lab, which are ideal for shooting different photos. This will keep your photo aesthetic unique and interesting, and makes a nice change to the typical white background shot.

Sunday Morning.

Get creative

Portrait shots don’t have to be boring, and there are many things you can consider to bring some life into a photo. Get outdoors, experiment with the environment around you and switch up your placement of the subject. Putting them in the centre every time makes for a dull shot, but placing them to the side can instantly improve the look of your shot. Set a wide aperture so that your subject remains the focus to help you take some striking shots.


Bring out the best in your model

A model or subject that’s uncomfortable in front of the camera can be hard to shoot, leaving you with photographs that won’t leave you awed. Help them to relax by talking to them a bit first, find out more about them and help them to feel more comfortable. It helps to give them some direction and talk to them throughout the shoot so that they know how to stand, where to look and so on. Building a bit of a rapport can make the process much more enjoyable for the two of you, and that will show in the finished product.


Portrait photography is a beautiful thing to capture, and with practice and the right techniques you can develop an excellent portrait photography style. Portrait photography is also a good string to add to your bow as a professional photographer and could lead to some regular jobs when marketed effectively. Discover the art of taking great portrait shots and enjoy bringing those subjects to life.

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